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Tampa Bay is Florida's largest open-water estuary, where salt water from the sea and fresh water from rivers mix, creating one of the world's most productive natural ecosystems. Estuaries serve as nurseries for animals such as young fish, shrimp, crabs and birds. More than 70 percent of all fish, shellfish and crustaceans spend some critical stage of their development in the protected in shore waters of Tampa Bay.

The main focus of the TI Ecology Club is to help Treasured Members and guests learn the true value of their natural surroundings. During personally-tailored activities and lessons, Treasured Members and their children connect with nature through positive learning experiences. These experiences not only benefit the environment and wildlife, but enhance our understanding of the impact we have in our community.

The TI Eco Club includes Family Science Nights filled with activities and guided lessons on sea life, animal and plant studies. Guided tours and excursions allow members and their children to be physically and actively involved with nature. Spring and Summer Camps help children teach others about their experiences and foster a sense of stewardship for the diversity of the ecology of Tampa Bay.

Every Wednesday Evening:
Family Night at the Marker 14 Restaurant and Lounge