Gene Evans, Founder of Paddle Against Cancer to Speak at The Club TI.

Mr. Gene Evans (left)

Mr. Gene Evans (left)

On April 11th, 2018 Gene Evans, founder of Paddle Against Cancer, a fundraiser that benefit’s Moffitt Cancer Center will speak at The Club Treasure Island. 

In May 2009, after experiencing some unusual discomfort in his back, Gene went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with stage-four kidney cancer. Over the course of 18 months, Gene underwent multiple surgeries, treatments and physical therapy, and now has had four years of clear scans.

Gene credits his love of paddleboarding with helping him detect the cancer, so starting a fundraiser involving stand-up paddleboarding was a natural fit.

Today, Gene still regularly paddles, going five to 14 miles at a time. Doctors have cited his positive attitude and active lifestyle as major factors in his recovery.

With a desire to help others and to give back to Moffitt Cancer Center, Gene founded Paddle Against Cancer in 2011. The annual paddleboard event and poolside celebration at the Club at Treasure Island has raised $255,000 for Moffitt Cancer Center to help aid in the fight against cancer. This speaking engagement is part of The Club TI’s “Member to Member” series, which highlights our accomplished and dynamic members. 

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