The Club TI Tennis Team Won the 2018 Treasure Island Tennis Cup!

Congratulations to The Club TI Tennis Team.

The Club TI won the 2018 TI Tennis Cup defeating Treasure Bay by a final score of 8-4!

This is the first time in four tries that we’ve been able to win The Cup…we now have bragging rights for the next 12 months! The TI Cup will remain on display at The Club TI Concierge until next year’s 5th Annual TI Tennis Cup match. Thank you to all our members who competed and fought hard for The Club TI team.

Special “Thank You” to the following:

  • Helinger Advertising for their support of this event for the 4th year in a row
  • Jim McGuire, Club TI Court Supervisor and teaching professional, for maintaining our courts and having them ready for this event
  • Joy Ackerman, our Racquet Services Specialist, for providing her services
  • Gina DiSanto, Club TI Fitness Director, for providing specialized massage services
  • All The Club TI staff for your hard work and support of this and all our tennis events 

Here are the final results from the match:



1-0 Jeff Chambers & Mike Shapiro (TI) def Mike Flint & Wade Wykert (TB) 

1-1 Jack Davis & Mark Nasworthy (TB) def Frank Struchen & Dave Franklin (TI) 

2-1 Dave Melillo & Kevin Schwartz (TI) def Ray Chiememto & Stan Entrekin (TB)



2-2 Satomi Momose & Josie Karcher (TB) def Gail Shapiro & Teresa Thompson (TI) 

3-2 Susan Hobbs & Ann Worthington (TI) def Kim Tran & Mary Lorigan (TB)

3-3 Loida Lufkin & Sue Clark (TB) def Carolyn Seckinger & Susie Bessire (TI)  



3-4 Satomi Momose & Mike Flint (TB) def Jeff Chambers & Teresa Thompson (TI)  

4-4 Gary Hutton & Ann Worthington (TI) def Mark Nasworthy & Kim Tran (TB)

5-4 Ira King & Susie Bessire (TI) def Stan Entrekin & Sue Clark (TB)

6-4 Mark Holden & Stacy Allen (TI) def Ray Chiememto & Loida Lufkin (TB)

7-4 Glenda Quinn & Tim Dube (TI) def Chuck Coward & Lynette Planto (TB)

8-4 Ivette Miljus & Ken Mayhall (TI) def Val Dykes & Mark Sawyer (TB)