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Relaxing, luxurious and conveniently located, the club TI’s massage suite and steam rooms are an indulgent way to treat yourself or spoil that extra special someone you love. Club TI Massage Therapists  provide a myriad of massage options from sport massages to body scrubs, available by appointment.

Swedish Massage

This massage is specifically designed to relax the muscles by applying pressure against deeper muscles
60 mins $70
90 mins $90


Deep Tissue

Relieves chronic aches and pains through firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscles
60 mins $70
90 mins $90


Sports Massage

Enhance endurance while decreasing your risk for injury during this athlete driven massage
60 mins $70
90 mins $90


Body Scrubs

Invigorate your skin with a nourishing, exfoliating scrub.
60 mins $75
90 mins $95



Primarily for focus on a specified area of the body that causes pain or a level of discomfort, this treatment uses specific targeting to rid known aches and pains.
60 mins $65



Releases stress creating a relaxing and refreshing sense of calm.
60 mins $65



Focusing on the hands and feet, this massage focuses on correlation between reflex areas in the stated locations and their connection to different glands, organs and parts of the body.
60 mins $65



Reduce stress and promote overall health and healing through this full body, mind and spirit massage.
60 mins $65



Add on select essential oils to further enhance your massage experience. Each added oil $20

Book your massage by contacting Club Concierge at (727) 367 – 4511 |